Play Banzai, the Most All-In Action-Packed Game at Unibet Poker

At Unibet Poker we added a new cash game format called “Banzai”.

Banzai is a short-stack short-handed cash game where players can only buy-in for 10 big blinds - this is a very exciting, fast and action-packed game. It plays in the same way as a Texas Hold’em cash game.

It is ideal if you’re looking for a quick, simple game with a lot of action or when you are on the go and playing on your tablet. Unlike tournaments, you can leave a Banzai table whenever you want.

To make it even better we charge the lowest rake percentage at our Banzai tables - just 1% of the total pot at any Banzai stake. Unlike other cash games, you don’t have to complete challenges to collect challenge points. Challenge points are earned directly from playing, in the same way they are earned in tournaments and Sit & Go’s.

Because you only can buy-in for 10 big blinds, players are all-in more often than on a regular cash table. If you like to go all-in this is the game to play. Whenever you go all-in you will hear a voice saying “Banzai”!

Because you only buy-in for 10 big blinds, it is less damaging to lose your stack and you can buy-in to top up your stack to 10 big blinds whenever you feel like it.

We offer three stakes: NL1, NL5 and NL20, so you either buy-in for €1, €5 or €20 to reach the ten big blinds.

Good luck at the Banzai tables!