Playing Tight and How It Makes Decision-Making Easier

Texas Hold’em can be quite a difficult online poker game and it can take a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Most poker players tend to play far too many hands and take them too far when they start playing this game.

Playing tight to win online poker

Playing tight is fundamental and essential when learning to play poker but very few know how to play win it.  Your first decision whether to continue with a hand or not will be made pre-flop. Unlike on the flop and turn, you’re making pre-flop decisions for every single hand you pay.

It is of crucial importance then that your first strategy is to play tight before the flop

Pick the very best

Prior to the flop, your strategy will be to play only your best starting hands. You need to look for hands that are massive and will give you a winning boost such as AA, KK or QQ. All other hands need to be avoided as not only will they show a negative expectation but they are also very difficult to play after the flop.

Don’t let the flush fool you

Flushes don’t come around often enough to make up for the pitfalls of a poor starting hand. Compare this with a hand like A-K. When A-K hits the flop, you make a top pair with the best kicker.

Know where you stand

This is why having great starting hands will make the later streets much easier. When you hit you know where you stand as you have a quality hand that can see a showdown.

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