Starting Hands in Pot-Limit Omaha

Regarding of your online poker playing style, success in Pot Limit Omaha largely depends on the starting hands you choose to play. Because you are dealt twice as many cards as in Texas Hold’em, you need to play the hands with the most equity possible.

Your opponents will be looking for pairs and combo-draw potential and if you don’t do the same, you will start off the game at a disadvantage and relying on luck.

These are the top 30 starting hands in Omaha which must be double-suited:

1. A-A-K-K

11. K-Q-J-T

21. Q-Q-A-K

2. A-A-J-T

12. K-K-T-T

22. Q-Q-A-J

3. A-A-Q-Q

13. K-K-A-Q

23. Q-Q-A-T

4. A-A-J-J

14. K-K-A-J

24. Q-Q-K-J

5. A-A-T-T

15. K-K-A-T

25. Q-Q-K-T

6. A-A-9-9

16. K-K-Q-J

26. Q-Q-J-T

7. A-A-x-x

17. K-K-Q-T

27. Q-Q-J-9

8. J-T-9-8

18. K-K-J-T

28. Q-Q-9-9

9. K-K-Q-Q

19. Q-Q-J-J

29. J-J-T-T

10. K-K-J-J

20. Q-Q-T-T

30. J-J-T-9

When you are lookig for the best starting hands in Omaha, always make sure it has the potential for something big. Where in Hold'em two high cards give you good chances of top pair with a good kciker, this will often not be good enough in Omaha. Look for connecting cards to draw for straights, look for (double) suited cards to draw for flushes. High pairs to make big sets or even a full house are always nice. If however you have nothing to add with for example a pair of Queens (Q-Q-7-4) a fold is often the best option. 

Online strategy for Pot Limit Omaha

Because of equity, online poker players need to adhere to the following strategies:

  1. Pick your starting hands carefully – You cannot afford to play hands consistently if you’re starting at a disadvantage against your opponents.
  2. Value-bet – It’s hand to have a real edge against the field in Pot Limit Omaha but when you do, you need to extract maximum value.
  3. Minimize your losses – It is of crucial importance that you lose the least amount and win the maximum.

Implementing these strategies makes winning at Omaha a whole lot easier. 

Preflop raising in Pot Limit Omaha

Some online poker players question the value of raising preflop in Omaha but doing so will increase your variance as you will be playing in bigger pots. If you have a hand with an edge, even if it’s a small hand, it is still going to be profitable in the long term to maximize the size of the pot at that time.

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