What’s the Worst Hand in Online Poker?

The full range of possible starting hands in Texas Hold’em is fairly vast so when drawing two cards randomly from a 52 card pack, there is over a thousand possible combinations. Among these combinations there are the hands that everyone wants and those that aren’t particularly desirable. Here is a list of our top 4 hands every online poker player should be quite wary of:

7 – 2 Off-Suit

This is potentially known as the worst poker hand and is the one that almost everyone automatically tries to throw away. With four cards required from the flop, turn and river to get a straight or a flush, 7-2 automatically places the poker player at a disadvantage.  Furthermore, the low value of the starting cards makes it impossible to get a high card win.


This combination is mostly associated with Doyle Brunson’s two WSOP bracelet wins with the hand. Because of this, poker beginners tend to play it without giving consequences a second thought and being completely unaware of the fact that it holds very little value in Texas Hold’em with no chance of a straight.

Face Card + Low Card

These type of hands cause the same problems as the 2-10 does: Amateurs are likely to throw money at their hand without putting any thought into it. If you’re the big blind and can see the flop, do go for it but otherwise, get rid of the hand to save your chips for something a little more sustainable.

Pocket Rockets

Okay so it’s not necessarily the worst poker hand but the dangers of drawing poker rockets are evident. If an inexperienced player enthusiastically draws them then the opponents will promptly throw in the towel thus removing the chance of winning a big pot. The hand should always be played but poker players need to keep in mind that it is not failsafe.

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