25 Days of £1,000 Bingo games

Play for a share of £1,000 in one massive game every day for 25 days.

Buy up to five tickets, countdown to 21:30 each day and hope your numbers come up. With a maximum of five tickets available to each player, everyone who enters has a great chance of taking home a share of the prize.

Tickets are 25p each and can be bought from the Midsummer room or drop-down menu up to three days before each game.

25 days will go fast, get amongst the action today.



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Terms and Conditions
  • 25 Days of Bingo £1,000 game plays once per day during promotional period at 21:30BST
  • This is a feature presentation of our normal bingo product, there are no qualifying criteria
  • The 25 Days of Bingo £1,000 game is available to all players on the bingo network
  • Unibet management reserve the right to change the bingo game offering at any time
  • General terms and conditions of Unibet membership apply at all times