New to Bingo?

Get 14 days of access to our Beginners’ Bingo Room – “Centre Court” where you have the opportunity to check out our games before you even make a deposit at Unibet.

This is the perfect room to get started in and experience the excitement of winning for free. Use this exclusive offer and join us for a fun mix of Bingo games.

Here's how it works:

As a new player, you get 14 days of access to our beginners’ room “Centre Court” once you’ve created your bingo profile. To create a bingo profile, simply open bingo and choose a chat name and lucky number

When: Every day between 14:30 - 19:00 for 14 days
Where: Centre Court
Ticket price range: £0 - £0.25

Game features:

BOGOF - Buy one and get one, two or even three free. Look out for the free double tickets on offer in our Bingo rooms.

1&2To Go - Get a share of the prize pot. Share the winnings if you’re only one or two numbers away from the full house.

Fair 4 all – games where you can buy only a set number of tickets each, meaning, players have equal chance to win.

Roll-on – Get a second chance of winning since the second player with a Full House will be paid as well.