Escalator Bingo Jackpots: Now Boosted!

Have you seen our amazing Escalator Jackpots? It's an extra exciting part of the bingo game, giving you more opportunities to win. These jackpots MUST be won... and it gets easier each game!

Just by purchasing one ticket, you'll be included in the extra game, and right now it’s even better as they’re currently running with enhanced jackpots! We've topped up the prize pools with an added £100k on top of the normal Escalator Jackpot prize pool.

This means there is no better time to try them out than right now when the prizes are at their very biggest! So crack on and get involved for your chance to win big!

Day Time (UTC) No. of Escalator games Bingo game Room name Escalator prize
Friday 07:00–10:00 30 75-ball var The Pitch € 500
Friday 16:00–19:00 30 75-ball All Stars € 1,200
Friday 17:00–22:00 49 90-ball The Podium € 500
Saturday 07:00–10:00 30 75-ball var The Pitch € 500
Saturday 18:00–21:00 24 75-ball var The Arena € 2,000
Sunday 07:00–10:00 30 75-ball var The Pitch € 500