Exclusive Access to our Grand Slam Room

Play online bingo at Unibet and get exclusive access to our Grand Slam room every single day.

Here's how it works:

Simply purchase £15 worth of Bingo tickets (tickets bought in the Centre Court or Grand Slam rooms do not count) within 24 hours and get access to our exclusive Grand Slam Room where you can enjoy a range of exclusive bingo games with a guaranteed prize pool of £7,200. 

Example: You wager £15 cash on Bingo on Monday, then you will have access to the Grand Slam Room on Tuesday from 17:30 until 22:10.

How to qualify: Wager at least £15 cash between 01:00 and 00:59 to gain access the next day. 

When: Every day between 17:30 until 22:10

Where: Grand Slam

Ticket price range: £0 - £3

Special game features:

BOGOF - Buy one and get one, two or even three free. Look out for the free double tickets on offer in our Bingo rooms.

1&2To Go - Get a share of the prize pot. Share the winnings if you’re only one or two numbers away from the full house.

Fair 4 all – Games where you can buy only a set number of tickets each, meaning, players have equal chance to win.

Roll-on – Get a second chance of winning since the second player with a Full House will be paid as well.

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