Weekend Cash Cards

Every weekend we are placing 200 special Gold Cash Cards worth over £2,500 on our exclusive Unibet Blackjack tables.

Simply play any of our exclusive Live Blackjack Tables (BJ Unibet 1, 2, 3, and 4, and Unibet BJ Flemish 1, 2, 3, and 4) between 14:00 and 00:00 GMT on Saturdays and Sundays and if you are dealt a Gold Card, we will credit your account as cash within 72 hours (amount will be converted to GBP when credited):

Available Gold Cards

Value per Gold Card# of Cards

Please note “Bet Behind” bets are excluded from this promotion.

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Terms and Conditions

  • The promotional period runs every Saturday and Sunday between 14:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT on our exclusive Blackjack tables: BJ Unibet 1, BJ Unibet 2, BJ Unibet 3, BJ Unibet 4
  • The Gold Cards will be placed randomly in to the shoe each day within the promotional period between 14:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT.
  • Gold Cards value will be vary – ranging from €10, €20, and €50.
  • A player will win the Gold Card amount regardless of the outcome of the hand.
  • Only the player who is sitting at the seat where the card is dealt will be eligible for the cash prize. Any players playing Bet Behind on that box will not receive any prize.
  • All cash amounts will be credited to players’ accounts within 72 hours of the Gold Card being dealt.
  • If a Gold Card is dealt to the dealer, it will be re-entered back in to the shoe.
  • This promotion is available on both desktop and mobile and no opt-in is required.
  • All cash amounts shown as Euros (€) will be converted to your local currency amount when credited to your account.
  • Each player is limited to 15 gold cards during one round of the promotion (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Only the first 15 gold cards will be credited to the players account. Any subsequent cards will not count.
  • Any gold cards received after the maximum limit is reached (15), will be forfeited.
  • Any player found to be abusing the promotion will be liable to have any gold cards confiscated and may have their account closed.
  • Unibet reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time.