Cracking new Casino lobby!

Our all-new Casino lobby is here!

With many impressive new features, your time in our Casino is sure to be more enjoyable than ever before. The new and improved lobby enables seamless navigation between all your favourite games with access to all the relevant information now only a click away.

We’ve highlighted six of the main changes below, but you’ll notice even more when you have a look around for yourself.


New navigation & categories

The new navigation bar makes it so much easier for you to switch between all your favourite categories and games, ensuring a much smother experience. 


Easy access to game info

No more digging through game rules to find relevant information such as RTP and volatility. You can view all of this now by simply selecting the game tile.



Live table feed

You can now see the tables directly from the lobby with details such as total players and minimum bet. Sitting at a table is quicker and easier than ever before.


Blackjack Open Seats 

You can now view seat availability directly from the lobby, making it so much easier and quicker to find an open blackjack table and play


Live result feed

You can now see live results live as they come in for Roulette and Baccarat. If you spot a lucky streak, you can sit down right away and get involved in the action.


Improved Speed

Loading times for games have been vastly improved, which means you’ll spend less time waiting around and more time enjoying the action.