European Bounty Cup

A continent-wide Poker Championship is taking place – the European Bounty Cup.

Each day brings new Multi-Table Tournaments with different buy-in levels where you can win individual prizes and glory for your country. Earn Bounties for knocking players out, the more you collect, the more you can win in four different competitions.

Low buy-in €1 - €10

High buy-in €25+

Country Freerolls:

It’s your chance to represent your country. Every Bounty you win adds to your national total with the three winning countries earning Freerolls worth €2.000, €1.000, and €500.

The more Tournaments you play yourself the bigger your starting stack in your country’s Freeroll.

No. Tournaments playedNo. of Freeroll tickets earned (if your country wins)
5-92 (double stack)
10-213 (triple stack)
All 335 (5x stack)


Dream Team:

The best 11 individual players over the course of the month-long tournament win cash prizes. It’s simple as that.

1st€500 1st€200
2nd€425 2nd€150
3rd€375 3rd€130
4th€325 4th€120
5th€275 5th€110
6th€250 6th€100
7th€225 7th€70
8th€200 8th€50
9th€175 9th€35
10th€150 10th€20
11th€100 11th€15


Championship Raffle:

Earn a ticket in the draw for every five Bounties you collect. There’s €5.000 to be won by blind luck when the Tournament comes to a close.

1st€500 1st€200
2nd€425 2nd€150
3rd€375 3rd€130
4th€325 4th€120
5th€275 5th€110
6th€250 6th€100
7th€225 7th€70
8th€200 8th€55
9th€175 9th€40
10th€150 10th€25
11th - 20th€100 11th - 20th€10


Golden Boot:

The three players to collect the most Bounties in one Tournament earn a cash prize.

1st€500 1st€200
2nd€350 2nd€150
3rd€200 3rd€100


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Terms and Conditions
  • 1) This promotion is available from 00:00 UTC June 12th until 23:59 UTC July 12th, and only results from selected bounty tournaments count towards this promotion.
  • 2) There will be tournaments on all days apart from the rest days, which are June 25th & 26th, July 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 11th.
  • 3) Leaderboard points are awarded per player knocked out of a tournament. Each bounty you earn in valid tournaments contributes to your country's total score in the country leaderboard part of European Bounty Cup. Each bounty will also count contribute to your own total score in the respective tiered Dream Team leaderboards.
  • 4) The Golden Boot leaderboard counts the total amount of bounties collected in one tournament. For every 5 bounties you earn in valid tournaments you will receive 1 draw ticket for the Championship draw. All valid tournaments will be named accordingly and show which tier you earn points for.
  • 5) The top 3 countries from the country leaderboard will play a country-restricted freeroll on Wednesday 15th July 18:00 CEST. The winners play for €2,000 prizepool, runner ups play for a €1,000 prizepool and third place plays for a €500 prizepool. Only players from the respective country, that have played at least one qualifying tournament, will be able to play the freeroll.
  • 6) Players that have played 5+ will get 2 tickets (double start stack). Play 10+ for 3 tickets. Play all valid tournaments for 5 tickets and a 5x starting stack.
  • 7) The Championship Raffle will take place Monday 13/7 on live stream. In case of a tie between players’ final scores, an average amount of their combined prizes will be paid out. Payouts will be made within three business days from the end of the promotion.
Promotional Terms and Conditions
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