Move up with our daily Bounty Freerolls

pb poker freeroll

Freerolls are a zero-cost way to add some money to your account and so, we have an abundance for you to try. Starting up every day of the week, our freerolls offer tickets for both cash games and tournaments. On top of that you win real money by eliminating players in our freerolls. You will earn cents for knocking players out! You will earn 2 cents per player that you knock out.

If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to learn the way things work whilst giving you the chance to win real money.

The table below shows some of the freerolls currently running, the full list can be found in the poker client.

NameTime (GMT)Buy-in
Unibet Open Bounty Freeroll00:05Free
€25 GTD Bounty Hold'Em Freeroll02:05Free
€25 GTD Bounty Omaha Freeroll04:05Free
€25 GTD Bounty Hold'Em Freeroll06:05Free
Unibet Open Bounty Freeroll08:05Free
€30 GTD Bounty Omaha Freeroll10:05Free
€50 GTD Bounty Hold'Em Freeroll12:05Free
€30 GTD Bounty Omaha Freeroll14:05Free
€100 GTD Bounty Hold'Em Freeroll16:15Free
Unibet Open Bounty Freeroll20:05Free
€25 GTD Bounty Hold'Em Freeroll22:05Free

Moving on up with our cent games!

With your earned cents you can simply play our various games listed below to give you a chance to move up to our bigger real money guaranteed tournaments and satellites.


NameTime (GMT)Buy-in
Unibet Open Centroll12:10€0.01
Unibet Open Centroll15:10€0.01
Unibet Open Centroll18:10€0.01
10 Cent Step-it-up Flip18:35€0.10
10 Cent Step-it-up19:35€0.10
10 Cent Step-it-up Flip22:35€0.10

Terms and Conditions

  • Unibet reserves the rights to amend or terminate the bonus at any time. Amendments to the bonus will not be made after you are opted in, unless there is sufficient evidence to show you are attempting to break the rules of the promotion.
  • General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply