The Glorious Goodwood Racing Guide

The Qatar Goodwood Festival, known for years as Glorious Goodwood, is one of the pinnacles of Flat racing during the British summer and it’s no surprise tens of thousands of horse racing betting fans flock to watch the races at this beautiful course.

The name Glorious Goodwood is synonymous with elite racing and it is the scene for one of the richest and most spectacular festivals of the racing calendar.

Goodwood betting is a pastime that spans generations and you’re invited to follow all the action right here with Unibet! offering the best racing odds from every race of the Goodwood festival, so you can stay on top of all the runners and riders.

That is why we’ve created this handy Goodwood racing guide to help you discover the best bets on offer. We’ll run you through the history of Goodwood races, how horse racing betting works and how to read a race card.

Once you’ve read this guide you’ll be able to dazzle your friends with your knowledge of Goodwood, which races are the best to bet on, and how to time your bets to perfection.



Glorious Goodwood Races

The Glorious Goodwood festival runs every year at the end of July to early August, with a range of top class racing taking place every day.

If you’re new to horse racing betting then Goodwood is one of the best racing festivals to learn all about the sport, because not only does Goodwood play host to top-grade thoroughbreds from around the world, it’s also a beautiful racecourse that provides the stunning backdrop for all the action.

Goodwood horse racing runs from Tuesday to Saturday, at least one day including Thursday, which is often seen as the biggest day of the festival and you can find a raft of Glorious Goodwood day 3 tips here at Unibet.

What’s more, the course is perfect for newcomers who want to learn the intricacies of racing and experience the sheer speed and brute force of these dazzling thoroughbreds.

The Stewards Cup

The Stewards Cup on Saturday of the festival is one of the most prestigious races at Glorious Goodwood. The race is run over six furlongs (about 1,200 metres) and takes just over a minute to complete. Legends have been born in this race, as Unibet Stewards Cup betting aficionados will tell you! Between 2000 and 2019 the starting price favourite has won this race just six times.

If you’re seeking traditionally more open races then this is the race for you. In recent years the likes of Gifted Master (20/1), Lancelot Du Lac (25/1), Evens and Odds (20/1) and  Conquest (40/1) have all triumphed in the Stewards Cup.

Only a handful of horses have ever won this race more than once, proving how competitive it is, which makes selecting a winner here even more rewarding!

UNibet Stewards CUp

The Golden Mile

With a prize purse of over £150,000 it’s no wonder the Golden Mile is one of the most sought-after prizes at Glorious Goodwood. As the name suggests, this race is run over a mile and is a Class 2 race for horses aged three and over, and was won last year by Unibet ambassador Richard Hannon’s horse, Beat Le Bon.

This race gets underway on the Friday afternoon of Glorious Goodwood and often features a packed field charging towards the line. The noise from the galloping steeds streaming down the glorious green turf to the tape can be deafening and it is no wonder the Golden Mile is famed for its iconic champions.

Be sure to check out the Glorious Goodwood day 4 tips ahead of the festival for the best overview of all the runners and riders.

Glorious Goodwood Betting Tips

Betting on horse racing can be less hard work that you might think with Unibet. There are plenty of tricks and strategies you can adopt to help your chances of winning, and all the information is right here for you to see on site! Every race you can bet on at Unibet comes with a wealth of information and statistics built right into the race card, which you can learn more about below.

And because of that, Glorious Goodwood betting is all about judgement calls. The sheer amount of stats that are available to punters — covering everything from form to weather conditions, age and jockey’s success rate — means you’ll never be short of information before placing your bet.

If you want to become a horse racing betting expert then be sure to take a look at these stats! After all, betting ‘blind’ on a horse you simply like the name of is not a great tactic, when compared to research and strong judgement.

Here are some other top tips to help you bet on horse racing:

Take your time: Unibet provide Glorious Goodwood odds and race cards days in advance of the races, so you have plenty of time to search for your top picks. Feel free to take your time and explore the racing platform to find the race and riders that are right for you. Rushed bets are often bad bets—and it’s always advised to consider your choice before committing.

Pick a jockey: Racing isn’t all about the horses. Many horse racing punters love to follow particular jockeys—and Glorious Goodwood is no different. Some of the world’s best-known Flat jockeys excel at this festival every year, and it’s worth researching the Goodwood top jockey odds before placing a bet! If you’re stuck on a horse to pick, the jockey can provide a clue to unearth a top pick. Why not follow Unibet ambassador Jamie Spencer who will be writing a daily blog from the track?

Pick a trainer: Why not follow a trainer? Unibet ambassador, Richard Hannon – and his father before him - have always been greatly associated with this week and usually have a number of well fancied horses running. You can follow Richard Hannon throughout the week by reading his thoughts on the Unibet blog every day

Check the handicaps: Horses carry a weight when racing, and in handicaps these weights are not all the same for each horse. If you’re betting on a handicap race then be sure to take a look at the weight each horse has on their backs. The higher rated horses will have a heavier weight, as the idea is to give each horse an equal chance to win the race. So although ‘better’ horses will often be more fancied, sometimes you can find some value in a lower rated horse who has the advantage of carrying much less weight around.

Form, form, form: Horse racing is all about form. Some of the world’s most iconic horses are trained to peak at specific times such as Cheltenham or the Grand National. And it’s just the same with Glorious Goodwood! If a horse has good recent form then there’s every chance the trainer and jockey will be confident of them winning or placing again.

Read up on the race: There are numerous newspapers and websites over which to pour when you’re seeking a racing tip. Here at Unibet we offer extensive racing tips, guides and interviews with some of the biggest names in the business. Reading up on races ahead of time is a great way to learn more about specific horses and trainers. This will certainly improve your knowledge of upcoming races and should help you pick winners from the crowd.

Track the odds: You can keep abreast of all the racing odds as they fluctuate right here at Unibet. And tracking the odds can prove crucial to getting a good price. If you see a horse’s odds lengthen before the race, it means fewer people are backing it. Likewise, if a horse’s odds suddenly get shorter then it likely indicates a flurry of bets on it. Tracking the odds gives a good sense of what other punters are feeling ahead of a race. You could choose to follow them and back a favourite or chase higher odds elsewhere.

Glorious Goodwood Race Card

Reading the race card at any horse racing meet will give you better knowledge of which horses are more and less likely to win. One card that always gets plenty of attention is the Glorious Goodwood day 5 race card, which covers the Saturday races. In horse racing circles, the race card is the best way to get a quick overview on each horse before making your pick.

Here’s how to read the Glorious Goodwood card:

Number — The horse’s number for the race, displayed on the saddle cloth the horse wears

Stall Number (in brackets) – In flat racing horses come out of a starting stall lined up across the track. Often starting at one end of the stalls is advantageous as it allows a good running position throughout the race, so knowing where your horse is starting from is good insight

Name — The name of the horse

Jockey — The name of the rider

Trainer — The person who trained the horse. There are a handful of hugely successful trainers that some punters stick with every time

Age — Some races require the horse to be a certain age, while punters can try and find a trend in the age by looking back at past champions

Weight — The weight each horse carries, including the jockey and additional saddle cloth weights, is shown in stones and lbs

Form — The horse’s past results are displayed to help you pick a quick winner. Form displays from right to left, so the furthest right-hand number is the horses most recent run.

Rating — The rating listed here relates to Racing Post Rating (RPR), a well-established industry rating which can be used for insight into a horses chance in the race

‘More’ – Clicking the ‘More’ button below the rating opens up even more information on the horse for that race, including a write up about its chances and an even more in depth breakdown of it’s previous form

Odds — The odds are displayed next to every horse and are preceded by a tracker showing how the price has moved in the lead up to the race

Glorious Goodwood is famous for showcasing some of the best Flat racing in the world at the height of the British summer. You’ll be captivated by the sumptuous scenery and exhilarating action when you bet on Glorious Goodwood this summer.

What’s more, you can also live stream every race at Glorious Goodwood and access our full range of videos! Our streams come with live commentary and grant you the access to follow your picks from start to finish.

And remember, you can always check back for the horse racing results after the race to see how your bet got on if you missed it.

With Unibet you can also learn about other races, namely Cheltenham betting thanks to our racing guides section.

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