Maximise Your Success in Loose Low Stakes Cash Games

Many of us spend too much time trying to figure out how to achieve a small win rate in tight, aggressive low stakes cash games. Here are three ways to maximise your success in loose stakes online poker cash games.

Play a lot of hands against Recreational Players

You should go out of your way to play against bad players and to get involved in pots with them. When they do their limp thing, just raise it up with a wide range of hands in order to get heads up against them going to the flop.

If you have position on a player who often makes huge mistakes after the flop, you could easily win a big pot.  You can’t win big against these players unless you get involved against them. This will pay off later when you finally have the big hand.

Don’t slow play

Never slow play against bad players. There is a reason why we call these players “passive”. They are not planning on building the pot for you. If you decide to trap them with your big hands, then you can look forward to winning a small pot.

You need to build up the pot against passive players. They will sometimes fold but that’s because they don’t have anything to work with.

Don’t bluff bad players

You should definitely be betting frequently with nothing against them, especially on the flop. You also need to isolate these recreational players with a wide range preflop with a continuation bet on the flop most of the time.

The best thing about this poker strategy is that it won’t cost you much.

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