More Groups, More Matches, More Fun

This is the place to stay updated and informed about all the happenings surrounding Euro Football 2016! We created a series of articles which thoroughly analyse each group for Euro Football 2016, and includes analysis of each team’s star player, route to Euro Football 2016 as well as challenges each team faces and any other important information which might impact betting decisions for Euro Football 2016.

A total of six groups will be participating in this year’s European Championship, to make room for the additional eight teams in the new tournament structure. The articles in this section highlight some very important factors about the games to be played and shed new light on tournament betting, making it easier to place better informed bets for Euro Football 2016!

What are we to expect from the new tournament structure?

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There are mixed opinions regarding the new tournament format. Some experts contradict the notion that the European Championship will be more competitive with more groups involved, as they explained that some matches will inevitably be too one sided and kill any competitive spirit. However, qualification was tough enough for any team, including the giants that strolled through qualification. In the past, many big team were eliminated in group stages and nothing can be guaranteed in football. Who’s to say we won’t witness a repeat of the Euro 2004, when Greece were lightyears away from being favourites to win the European Championship and went all the way?

Expect more action, more drama and more fantastic odds in this summers’ European Championship, as it promises to be a month full of top quality football. 

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