Unibet UK Poker Tour 2020

The Unibet UK Poker Tour returns for a fifth season in 2020 and you can qualify for these events online at Unibet from just €1. We will host the tour at Aspers casinos in London and Newcastle.

There will be four tour stops in 2020, with the first three stops featuring a £220 buy-in, £50,000 guaranteed Main Event. The December Grand Finale will feature a £440 buy-in, £100,000 guaranteed Main Event. 

A €2,000 Unibet Open package will be given away in an exclusive Last Longer competition for Unibet Poker online qualifiers.

Please visit the tabs below for more information on each stop; general info about the tour and online qualifier packages can be found below.

General Info:

  • Buy-in for UK Tour events is £220. Players will be allowed a maximum of two re-entries per starting day in each Main Event.
  • Buy-in for the UK Tour Grand Finale is £440. Players will be allowed a maximum of two re-entries per starting day.
  • 10% will be retained from each buy-in as the registration fee.
  • Players have the option of playing Day 1a, Day 1b, Day 1c or a Turbo Day 1d and taking their largest stack through to the Final Day.
  • All events will be open to players 18 years old and over.
  • Players will be required to show photo ID and sign up as member at each venue

Players who have packages/seat only for UK Tour from previous years will be able to use them through season 2020.  All previous packages/seat only must be used by the end of this season.

Aspers Westfield Stratford City, 312 Montfichet Rd, London E20 1ET

  • 5th – 8th March
  • £220 (£50,000 GTD)
  • 2 re-entry allowed per starting day
  • Day 1a – 5th March 6pm
  • Day 1b – 6th March 6pm
  • Day 1c &1d Turbo – 7thMarch 1pm &6pm
  • Final Day – 8 th March 1pm
  • Side Event Deep Stack Turbo – 8th March 4pm

The Gate, Newgate St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5TG, 

  • 28th-31st May
  • £220 (£50,000 GTD)
  • 2 re-entry allowed per starting day
  • Day 1a – 28th May 6pm
  • Day 1b – 29th May 6pm
  • Day 1c &1d Turbo – 30th May 1pm &6pm
  • Final Day –  31st May 1pm
  • Side Event Deep Stack Turbo – 31 st May 4pm

Aspers Westfield Stratford City, 312 Montfichet Rd, London E20 1ET

  • 24th – 27th September
  • £220 (£50,000 GTD)
  • 2 re-entry allowed per starting day
  • Day 1a – 24th September 6pm
  • Day 1b – 25th September 6pm
  • Day 1c &1d Turbo – 26th September1pm &6pm
  • Final Day – 27 th September 1pm
  • Side Event Deep Stack Turbo – 27th September 4pm

Aspers Westfield Stratford City, 312 Montfichet Rd, London E20 1ET

  • 9th –13th December
  • £440 (£100,000 GTD)
  • 2 re-entry allowed per starting day
  • Day 1a – 9th December 6pm
  • Day 1b – 10th December 6pm
  • Day 1c – 11th December 6pm
  • Day 1d &1e Turbo – 12 th December 1pm &6pm
  • Final Day – 13th December 12 pm 
  • Side Event Big Bounty 50/50 – 13th December 5pm

Qualifier Terms and Conditions:

  • The regular online qualifier package is worth €500 (£220 buy-in + cash for expenses paid into your Unibet account within 72 hours of qualification).
  • The cash for expenses which is paid into your account will reflect the currency exchange rate on the day of the transfer.  Please not that Monday qualifier winners just win a seat-only and will not be entitled any spending money
  • Online qualifiers are open to all Unibet customers. However, please note that all players are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Players can hold maximum 6 packages in total
  • Players can transfer an extra entry to a friend at the event, provided that the first entry is used to play the event
  • Players are expected to make any necessary travel and accommodation arrangements themselves.
  • All online package/seat only winners will automatically be entered to the next event.
  • A package/seat can be postponed to next event only once, except for the final event of the 2020 season which cannot be postponed.
  • Qualifiers must contact support prior to the event to postpone an entry to the next event.
  • If a qualifier is a no show to the event and does not contact Unibet before the event, any entries for that event will be forfeited.
  • All online package qualifiers will be contacted via on-site message or email within 96 hours of earning their package.
  • All online qualifiers can choose which starting day to play.
  • Each online package qualifier will automatically be entered into the free “last longer” promotion for the next event; if you are the online qualifier who lasts the longest in the Main Event then you will receive a €2,000 Unibet Open package.
  • Unibet reserves the right to change venue and tournament details of future events.
  • General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.

Promotional Terms and Conditions:

  • These Promotion Terms and Conditions including any applicable instructions on www.unibet.co.uk ("Promotion Terms") apply to all Unibet promotions. By entering you accept and agree to be bound by these Promotion Terms. In addition, Unibet’s standard Terms and Conditions and Rule Book ("Standard Terms") also apply (available at www.unibet.co.uk). In the event of any difference between these Promotion Terms and the Standard Terms, these Promotion Terms will prevail.
  • This promotion is available to individuals aged 18 years and over who have registered as customers of Unibet.
  • No employees of Unibet and its affiliated companies, or family members of employees and affiliated companies, may take part in promotions.
  • Unless confirmed otherwise by Unibet in writing: (i) promotions are available once only to any registered account; and (ii) bonuses cannot be used in conjunction with, or to qualify for, any other Unibet.co.uk promotional offer.
  • Unibet reserves the right acting reasonably to withhold, restrict or cancel this offer from individual account holders in at its reasonable discretion and without prior notice, in the event that an entry is made in breach of the Promotion Terms and/ or the Standard Terms. Otherwise amendments to the bonus will not be made after you are opted in, unless you accept any such amendments.
  • Unibet’s decisions in respect of any matter(s) concerning a promotion are final.
  • Unibet may reclaim any bonus amount or enhanced payments that have been awarded in error.
  • Unibet may, at any time, make minor amendments to this promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel this promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.
  • Unless otherwise specified in writing, in the event that you are required to travel to take part in any event, you are responsible for making all your own arrangements (including insurance).
  • Unibet accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any end user during any of these promotions.
  • This promotion is operated by Platinum Gaming Limited a company registered in Gibraltar with its registered office address at Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar.